Saturday, August 3, 2019

Jackpot for a couple of days

Trying to catch up, but either being busy or Internet is bad. The Internet at this RV park in Wilson, WY is great during the day when everyone is out and about. By dinner time S L O W...
We were in Jackpot for two days, just wanted a day of doing nothing. 
For anyone who is used to staying at Cactus Petes campgrounds - beware. There is a lot of construction going around the town - The entire front campgrounds is closed [the blue circle with the red X] - and being used to store construction equipment. And getting to the back campground is different from how it used to be. See red line to larger blue oval - the back campground. We finally had someone lead us there - one of the construction workers felt sorry for the old farts in the RV who were lost. Very nice gentleman. 
Getting to Jackpot involved construction. Could they make this any narrower? Good thing I wasn't driving we still be sitting there at a dead stop. 
The first time we saw the orange cones reflection we thought there was a cone tipped over and in the road. Bill slowed way way down until we finally realized it was a reflection. 
Surrounding mountains by Wells, NV still had a lot of snow on them. 
And then more construction, one lane open over new chips and oil. Miles of it. But we weren't in a hurry any way. Not much scenery along the way either. 
So here we are wandering around Cactus Pete's parking lot wondering what hapened to the campground we've stayed at a couple of other times.

Pretty grounds between the casino and the lower campground. 
And here we are finally parked. Nice long spaces - pull throughs, full hook ups. No WiFi of course. But our Verizon worked fine. Summer prices $26 a night. Also have a shuttle to take you between campground and casino. While there we got one early evening of rain. The sun was out but it was raining, no rainbow though. And just enough to make a mess of the windshields with the dust on them. 
From our spot looking towards the casino. We ate a very expensive lunch at the casino. But didn't play any slots. Watched some people playing. Lots of 1 cent slots. Some are really weird, I wouldn't know if I'd won or lost. 
About the only thing exciting that happened was when this airplane taxied up the street right behind the campground. WHAT? I was playing on the computer and saw just his tail go by. Thought I was seeing things. He was getting ready to go take off when I took this picture. Never noticed before the big hanger right behind him. 
Finally back on the road heading towards Arco, Idaho. There was something I wanted to do in Arco. 
I just liked this. Kind of reminds me of a painting I'd seen. So lonely. Even the trees were dying. 
 There is rain in the distance. In the direction we were headed.
We stopped at Craters of the moon, but just looked around the visitor center area. We'd been there a few years ago. Read some of the info about them. "The lava of Craters of the Moon seeped out of fissures and low-lying spatter cones. The volcanic activity only ceased around 2000 years ago, so the landscape is still rather young, and the fissures aren’t dead but merely dormant." Just some of the lava rocks. Scenery - lots and lots of mountains.
A big mound of lava rock.

If you've never been there it is really interesting. Especially to hike - no not us.  Next stop was the KOA in Arco.  It kind of tics me off - when you call the campground to find out about staying there - they make it sound like you got the VERY LAST SPACE and they are doing you a big favor. Then you get there and the place is lucky to be half full. Also discovered there is another campground in Arco but did't see it when looking on line. Mountain View RV Park. Looked it up - more expensive then the KOA.
Today we are going to explore Grand Teton NP. Thought about getting a very early start  45 degrees out - waiting a bit until the sun gets a little higher. Yesterday afternoon it was cloudy, dark and some rain.


Mark said...

You guy's are magnets for construction. I'm enjoying reading what adventures that you are taking.

Carol and Bill said...

And even more road construction today...We think of you every time we are out in the car and get thirsty. Love those things.