Sunday, August 18, 2019

More from The Art Cultural Trail

The sun is out this morning, should be a nice day with temps about 80! Last evening I went to Barnes and Noble and bought the book for my Nook that I have referenced a couple of times in this blog. 
Saturday was a cold, dark and gloomy day and it eventually started to rain here in White Sulphur Springs. But we wanted to go to the market - actually we needed to find a market here in town. So around noon we set out for downtown. Much to our surprise we found the market right away. It was the building with the "On MY Way to the Market" mural on it. Bill going in the door. 
After getting a few things I pulled out my trusty map of the Cultural Trail here in town and began giving the driver instructions. I'm lucky he is so patient and willing to indulge me. 
Here are some of the Barn Quilt squares we missed yesterday. Almost missed this one. [remember it was a dark cloudy day - so fotos reflect the lack of light.]
On the side of the building across from the market.  
One of the smaller ones tucked away under an overhang.  
This one is  behind a window so forgive the reflections.  
 And this one is on the courthouse - way away on the side of the building like they are trying to keep anyone from finding it. 
The porch of a home near the campground. So that brings the total to 29 that we found in town.  
Am I boring you yet? Not on the Trail but how could I not take a picture of it?
 Someones front yard. 
 This wasn't on the list either and was hard to take a picture of. I'm standing up against another building trying to get the whole mural. 
 Info about the designers.
 Metal sculpture "Ranching Values" by Tegan
 Metal sculpture "Black Butte Copper Project" again by Tegan who is a local artist. 
 Several of the benches around town have brands  burned into them. 
 Also not on the list. An old advertisement for Levi Strauss Overalls. On the bottom it says, "New pair free if they rip." 
Built in the early 1900's

This is the Stockman Bar - featured in a book "This House of Sky" by Ivan Doig. A quote from the book, "The flow of booze into his best friend or the behavior of anybody else in the Stockman...." [this is the book I bought.]
 On National Historic Registry. Seems like the white building had a book written about it too. "Born to Be" by Gordon Taylor - a quote, "...every little thing that's beautiful to with is around White Sulphur..."
 Historical Site - this building has been the local newspaper office since 1879.
The building the newspaper office is in. 
 The County Courthouse, built in 1955
Just some buildings that caught my fancy. Pretty white barn
 A green barn in the distance. 
 Looks like an old school building, now the Sheriff's office
 A house? garage? barn?
 Needs a lot of TLC.
 Another older brick home.
Historic Site Almon Spence House. 
Of the 28 location son the list for White Sulphur Springs we found all but three - and one of those three is inside the Spa Motel. 
Hopefully out on to the loop drive later. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Love all the old buildings. Funny enough Eric's mother's maiden name was Spence and she was a war bride from Scotland. Wonder how the Spence name ended up on your tour? Small world.

Payson48 said...

Hi! What is the story behind "barn quilts" Do they have a purpose?

Carol and Bill said...

I looked it up and posted an article on tomorrow's blog.

Grandma on the Road said...

You find the neatest things!!