Thursday, August 8, 2019

On our way towards Yellowstone

Took our time leaving the campground in Wilson Sunday morning. We only had about 70 miles to go and couldn't check in there until 1:00 We decided to take the highway through Grand Teton NP instead of going up 89. We knew from previous experience that there was a lot of construction going on on 89. Especially a LOT of loose gravel. And one section of one lane road with a hold up of 15 minutes to go past 100 yards with absolutely no work being done. Not even any equipment around.
Leaving the campground before we reached Highway 22 this guy strolled across the road in front of us. I was so surprised I didn't react fast enough to get him on the road. But did get a butt shot in the bushes. Yes, it is a moose.
That was a great road and a good decision. We hadn't driven the part north of Jackson Lake. 
 Stopped at a pull out to take a look at the lake and the last looks at the Tetons. This truck was parked there. 
 A park ranger was using it to teach about bears. Interesting.  Lots of people having their pictures taken with the bears. 

Stopped at a gift store at Coulter Bay and saw this. Kind of cute. Nope didn't buy it, just thought about it. We haven't decorated for Christmas since we started going to Mexico for the winter. And we have a whole shed full of Christmas decorations...
 Seeing several of these whimsically decorated vans on the road. They are rentals from Escape Campervans. Sleep 5, kitchen sink, stove and refrigerator, but, no bathroom. Some of the paint jobs are really neat. 
 Leaving Grand Teton NP.
 We stayed at the campground at Headwaters Flagg Ranch. Interesting history. Going way back to the late 1800's.
 See us over there - the back end of the Jeep. And all the very tall trees. Interesting campground. No WiFi, no cell service [not even Verizon] and with the trees no satellite signal. What a quiet evening. Well except for the violent winds, thunder and lightening for about a half hour. 
 It was a really nice campground. Big spaces, full hookups and pull throughs. I'm just not used to no connection with the outside world. Especially on a NASCAR race day. Didn't find out who won until the next day. !!!
Across the street was the lodge with a very good restaurant. Bill said he had the best Caesar salad he has had in a long time. 
So on the road again Monday heading to Gardiner, MT. 
Two miles later we were at the gates of Yellowstone. Thank goodness for the Golden Age Pass. So far we have used it six times. Six times we didn't have to pay a $35 entrance fee. Wow! We took the Grand Loop on the eastern side of the park. 
 Mostly the scenery was like this. Trees and more trees. Sure smelled good though. 
 Every once in a while a creek or river. 
 Over the Continental Divide.
 Yep, we're in Yellowstone where the Bison goes where ever he wants. Guess the road is easier to walk in than the forest. You want to go around me, too bad. 
 And even some small geysers.

 Another meandering bull. Snorted at every car that went by him.
Enough for today. I have so many pictures from our time in Yellowstone don't know when I'll get them all sorted. One day we went through the Lamar Valley and yesterday to Old Faithful.
Today we leave for Townsend, MT about 150 miles up the road. 

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