Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Quick recap to catch up.

We left home July 27th it is now August 6th (I think) and we are in Gardiner, MT. We are at a very nice campground there named Rocky Mountain RV Park. Staying here for a couple of days. So far we've driven 1000 miles in the RV and quite a few more in the Jeep.
Enjoyed time in Ely and really enjoyed West Wendover and the Salt Flats. We then spent two quiet days in Jackpot - where we had trouble finding the way into the RV park.
From there to Arco, ID. Stayed in a nice KOA with good WiFi. Explored Arco and Atomic City. So far I have blogged and posted pictures of all of that.
From there we went to Wilson, WY and stayed at a lovely RV park called Fireside Resort. We missed the entrance to the RV park, had to go up to another lodge/hotel to drive through it to turn around. Then we MISSED the entrance again - NOT well marked at all. This time we drove through a small group of homes to get back going the right way. Turned into the entrance and coming towards us was a large motorhome. Not room enough to pass. The Jeep was still part way in the street so no way could we back up. Pulled as close to rock on our side as we could. Still no room. Finally other RV backed up a little and got further over so we could pass him. Nice spot, friendly staff. More about it later.
Took a couple of excursions into Grand Teton NP. Lots and lots of pictures. At one of the stops Bill lost one of his hats. Good thing he brought a couple more. If he isn't wearing one I don't recognize him.
Left Wilson and went just north of Grand Teton NP and 2 miles south of Yellowstone to stay at Headwaters Flagg Ranch campground. The campground was beautiful. The spot was level. Full hookups and pull through. BUT no Internet, no cell service and because of all the big beautiful trees no TV reception. And that was Sunday - NASCAR race day. I guess I am wired into the Internet and cell and TV service. One night there was enough. But would be excellent place to "get away from it all."
Up through Yellowstone to Gardiner. Over a mountain pass with lots and lots of curves.  But pretty scenery. Staying here for three days and taking Jeep into park. Went to Lamar Valley today. Saw lots of animals. Took many pictures.
Weather is very good. Warm enough for Bill during the day but not too hot for me. Cools down to high 40's at night. Which is a good things as the air conditioning in the Jeep has stopped working. We have had rain every day since Jackpot. Sometimes sprinkles some times real heavy and loud.
If I get some pictures sorted out I may post again today.


Kathy Tycho said...

Fun trip. Our truck A/C died cost $1700.canadian to fix.

Carol and Bill said...

We re going to wait until we are in Mexico.