Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Norris Geyser Basin

The header is the Johnsons RV Park in St Mary's, took it using the oil painting feature on the camera.
We are still in Saint Mary's, MT. Thought we'd go into Glacier today but it is dark and gloomy and trying to rain. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny.  So...
Going way back to Wednesday the 7th the day we went into Yellowstone again to visit the Norris Geyser Basin and Old Faithful. Had a great day. This blog will take you to when we left the Geyser Basin and headed towards Old Faithful. Not much narrative but lots of pictures and a couple of videos. 
Leaving Gardiner heading towards the Norris Basin road. 

Only 21 miles to go. Over an hour to get there. 
This is just inside the park. Mammoth Hot Springs. Just unusual looking. 
There is a loop drive up there but forgot to take it on the way home.
Driving down the road we were in lush pastures, forests and between some rock walls. 

One of the delays. Had to wait in line for pilot car. About 20 minutes. Finally on our way.
A long line waiting to go the other way. 
First sight of steam rising today. 
Stopped here to look for a while. Didn't realize it was so hard to read. 

Pretty scene.
Arriving at 
A short video.Please the shaking of my hands when I didn't have anything to rest the camera on. 

Lots of pictures from there. Lots and lots of people too. Hard to get photo without some one in it.

I like the different colors. 

 This area was green.

 The green area again. A very vivid green. 


 Geysers and hot springs can be found in other places in the world. They exist near geologically active zones where earthquakes and volcanoes continue to reshape the earth.
We left Norris and headed towards Old Faithful. Traffic was beginning to get heavy and most other attractions parking lots were full. Another blog for rest of day trip. No we didn't see Old Faithful blow. But we've seen it a couple of times before.
Today we went to Glacier took the Going To The Sun Road. Interesting adventure. Leaving here tomorrow and heading south east.

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