Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Now in Hill City,SD

We only drove about 55 miles today. Now in Hill City, SD only 13 miles from Mount Rushmore which we will visit tomorrow. 
We are staying at Firehouse Campground about 2 miles east of town. Just kind of in a large green area right off the highway. $42 a night. Have good WiFi, electric, water and sewer. Have good TV reception with our Dish. Back-ins only.
We went into Hill City for lunch and I forgot to take my camera and my phone. Also did not take any pictures on the ride over. So today I am in photo withdrawal. Not one picture taken today. 
I have a long blog of Little Bighorn Part 1 but will wait to post it until I can post the second part the next day. 


Unknown said...

If you have a chance go to Alpine Inn in Hill City for dinner. They only have two entrees

The prices are fantastic, the food was great we even got an extra meal to take home for the next day.
Lunch time is German food

5:00PM - 9:30PM
Kids Menu Available
Served with a baked potato, Texas toast and a quarter wedge of lettuce with our homemade ranch dressing.
6oz $11.95 9oz $13.95
German dumplings and Swiss cheese served with fresh vegetables, and Texas toast.

Dirk said...

Pictures?no pictures ? Always fun to read about your adventures!

Carol and Bill said...

I promise ti make up for it in the days to come.

Carol and Bill said...

Ate there was not impressed with service or food. Upset stomach rest of day.

SandyM said...

We were truly awed by Mt Rushmore as we walked up to the viewing area and impressed with the display of the state flags. We spent quite a bit of time in the museum/gift shop reading the history and making of Mt Rushmore. It was not on the top of my list of place to see but ever so grateful we went as it is outstanding.

Carol and Bill said...

The flags are gone. The museum is closed for construction. I am very glad we went years ago when it was all open.

SandyM said...

Oh, I am glad we were there when all was open

Carol and Bill said...

I'm glad we were too. We were there in 2003