Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Old Faithful - didn't see it!

We are heading south again, today staying in the same RV park in Choteau, MT a Passport America park, that we stayed at heading to Glacier. Tomorrow we go through Great Falls to White Sulphur Springs were we will stay for four days. Our time in Glacier was spent mostly in the rain, drizzle and clouds. We finally, yesterday made the Going to the Sun drive. Beautiful. 360 pictures! But to finally finish Yellowstone.
Still Thursday the 8th. After going to Norris Basin we continued on towards Old Faithful. We didn't stop at Midway Geyser Basin as we've been here in Yellowstone several times in the past. The traffic to get into Midway was backed up about 1/2 mile on the road. Continued on to Old Faithful. Found parking for the Jeep there with no problem. Walked over to Old Faithful Lodge. It never disappoints. A magnificent building inside and out. 

Looking u at the ceiling. Hard to get a good picture of the intricate work up there even using a flash. 
Another look. 
Used the ladies room there. Interesting sign. If you've been to some Asian countries it makes sense. But it took a minute to make sense. 
Inside the main part of the lodge. Watched this artist work for a while. Some cute and beautiful paintings for sale. But have reached the point I'm not buying. No more wall space at home. 
The dining room was just opening for lunch so we ate there. I'll say one thing - eating in the parks is expensive. But the atmosphere and the food was good. 
One of the shuttle buses that run around the park. 
The area behind Old Faithful with some small geysers. 
We did not see Old Faithful going off. He went off while we were eating. And after we finished it would be close to 45/50 minutes before he went again. As I said been here before and have lots of pictures of it. Took me about 10 minutes before I could get a picture of the sign without people in it. 
Took a zoom shot of some of the landscape behind Old Faithful. Always fascinating to see. 
Started back towards Gardiner where we were staying. We decided to take some of the loop roads of the main highway that we've never taken before. Glad we did. First one was Firehole Lake Drive.

So many different colors here.
This little blue pond would burp up big bubbles from time to time. You can see one getting ready to surface.

I like the wording here "may erupt between"  MAY...The little white sign on the left "Wednesday 9:45 p.m." The one on the right "August 8th 1:45 a.m. Thursday." Well a couple of us didn't pay attention to what we read. We were out on the boardwalk and it was Thursday afternoon at 1:30. Debating if we should wait until 1:45 to see if it "may" erupt. Did you catch what we did wrong. The difference between P.M. and A.M. After rereading the sign we left laughing 

A little bubbling here.
Again lots of different colors.
The wind was blowing so I got a mini shower walking along here.

Reminds me of mushrooms.
The water flows under the street then into the stream that goes under this bridge. Then into a small lake.

More pretty colors and nice reflections.

Back through the construction, not as long a delay this time.
And the end of our time in Yellowstone. Like I mentioned we did not stop at some of the "well known" spots partly because we've seen them and mostly because the traffic and parking was horrid.  A very enjoyable couple of days.


SandyM said...

Some great photos - thanks for sharing. That was just one of the spots I really liked when we visited.

Carol and Bill said...

There is so much to see and enjoy there. Think I liked the Lamar Valley and the animals the best.