Thursday, August 29, 2019

We are in the little town of Guernsey, WY. This is one of the places you can actually walk in the ruts of the Oregon Trail wagons. But more on that tomorrow. Can't even post pictures from them as I managed to delete all 83 of them that I took today. Luckily we will be here for four more days, until after Labor Day. It is a great little campground. Only about 13 sites, water and electric. Out our front window is a golf course out our back is the Platte River. And there is free wifi all for $20 a night. The name of it is Trail Ruts Golf Club and Campground. Forgot to mention - we don't pay until we leave...
To finish up with our time in Hill City. Sorry I just couldn't resist this. Shame on me. 
 Just some of the buildings in Hill City. 

 I liked this one because of the green trim around the doors and windows. 
 Next to the one above - looks like it might have been a bank at one time.
 We ate here. Great service and delicious meal for both of us. Also liked the building. 
 This was outside the door. Light wasn't very good. A black buffalo with yellow paint streaks. 
 Information about the building. 
 A couple of pictures of the original interior walls. 

Went into an art gallery and saw this magnificent piece of stained glass. Does not photo as beautiful as it is. Mosaic on both sides, squares of glass about 1" square. In the center clear glass cut in waves. Called "A River Runs Through It." Costs $6,500.00  We both loved it. Might try to do something like that when we get home.  
 Can see the clear glass waves in this shot. 
 This piece was in there too, from the other side it is a different color. 
And of course had to go in The Handbag Store to check the handbags out. Lots and lots of them but didn't buy anything. 
 And will close today's blog with this lovely picture. Again couldn't resist.
From Hill City to here was a long drive - 190 miles. We gassed up in Hill City and stopped for lunch in Lusk, WY. Little cafe - only eating place in town. Great food.  So the trip took us five hours. Then we had to change sites twice because of trees in the way of the satellite. Can't be without TV. But we are now settled in for a while. Not so cold here either. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Now that put a smile on my face!

Carol and Bill said...

Now I wish I'd of bought that shirt. Oh well - probably wouldn't wear it anyway.

Contessa said...

LOVE the piece with the glass and mosaic. Would love to see what you come up with.