Monday, August 26, 2019

Staying in Spearfish one more day

Our  next to the last day in Spearfish, it is so pretty here - so green. Last night we had a heck of a storm. Very heavy rain, but luckily no hail. This morning discovered one of our LEAK PROOF windows leaked like crazy. These are the windows I hate because they only open three inches. Dealer really talked them up as LEAK PROOF. Yah, well! It is the window to get of in case of emergency. Good thing there was a pillow on the shelf below it. Most of the water got sopped up by the pillow. Hum...just checked and it is still leaking and it is not raining!  Making list of things that need to be taken care of when we get home. Our jacks have a recall on them and now the leak. And every once in a while we find a screw on the floor and can't figure out where it came from. RV's are like boats - just big money pits. 
Yesterday late afternoon we went to WalMart - probably last one we will see for a while. An interesting find there - Spittoon?
Then went and walked around downtown Spearfish for a bit. The clock tower with a Termesphere on top made especially for the town.
 Hard to get a good picture of it because of the sun.

It has gears on it that you can turn with the wheel crank. And then the sphere rotates.  
Just some of the interesting building downtown. At first I thought it said The Mall - then realized it is The Mail. 

Used for community theater productions. The Matthews Opera House first opened its doors in 1906.

Then we went to Perkins for dinner. For the first time in a long time I had steak - oh it was so good. 
Had a really strange this morning - that our bed was full of soap suds. Then my are dropped to the floor and woke me up. Dropped to the floor.??? My side of the bed. The pillow on the shelf is an extra we put there at night. Woke up with my head on that pillow on the shelf when my arm dropped between the bed and the shelf!! No idea how I managed that - never done it before.

We have really enjoyed our time here and have extended our stay one more day. There are lots of dark clouds in the sky, though the weather report says partly cloudy we don't want to get caught in a storm. Besides the wind is blowing like crazy. 
Maybe come back again some time in the future. 
I finished reading House in the Sky about the town of White Sulphur Springs. Actually it is about all the little towns within a 100 mile radius. Very interesting but kind of hard to read. Jumping back and forth and from person to person. What a hard life people in that are had - and the time frame was from 1935 to 1960, Seemed more like reading about the 1800's.
Does any one remember Pearl Bailey singing "Fifteen Years"
Click here to listen to it. At one time I knew most of her songs. 

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