Friday, August 16, 2019

Going South St Mary's to White Sulphur Springs, MT

We left the Saint Mary's Glacier area around 11 o'clock as we couldn't check into the campground until after 1: o'clock and it was a short drive only 113 miles. Last picture of the campground. Skies were clear.
Going back the way we came, through the Blackfoot Reservation not over the mountain on the 89. Whoops - are we back in Mexico? Nope just free range cattle in Montana. He just stood there and watched us as we crept by him. 
Passing through Browning, MT. Big concrete tepee. Starting to collect bugs on the window. 
Oh wow. I would love to have that!
Know why they call Montana Big Sky Country. You can see forever. Lots and lots of farming and ranching.
Not a good picture but just managed to catch it as we went by. Wish we'd seen it sooner. No idea what it is for. Found a little information about it. "From scraps of rusted automobiles, bits of barbed wire and the stones of an old mission school; artist Jay Laber has created a statue of two Native American warriors astride their horses at the southeast entrance to the Blackfeet Reservation. Jay's artwork is based on the principle of Native American tradition that you make use of what's available to you in your natural environment. He uses manmade objects left behind in nature long ago, creating images of his native culture today. This sculpture, and three others just like it, greet visitors at the four entrances to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation; the U.S./Canada border, Highway 2 west of CutBank and west of East Glacier. For information about the artist contact: Revised Rez Wrecks, 877 East Post Creek Road, St. Ignatius, MT 59865."
One of these on both side of the little town of  Dupuyer. Unexpected things in unexpected places.
Long distance view. 
There was some active weather way west of us but it was strong enough to send a strong wind our way. Bill was fighting the wind hitting the right side of the RV all the way to Great Falls.
Perfect picture of the area. Makes me think about the pioneers and the first ranchers.
Entering little town of Bynum.
Well Hello!
A dinosaur museum. Small but supposed to be interesting. It seemed to be closed. 
A shop next door to it. 
Looks like he would like to take a bite out of us. 
A short way down the road just entering Choteau there was another dinosaur museum.  
In Choteau - is Rexall Drugs still in business? Haven't seen a sign for one in forever. 
Leaving Choteau the next morning. The court house is right in the middle of the road. They built a round about around it.
From Choteau we continued south through Great Falls and stopping in White Sulphur Springs. The wind was gone and the weather was perfect. From Great Falls to White Sulphur Srings was a beautiful drive through the Lewis and Clark National Forest. 
Left Choteau yesterday and headed south. Weather was great. No wind thank goodness. Just something up on a hill. 
 Again you can see for miles. The road was good and very little traffic.
 We stopped in Great Falls to gas up at the Flying J $2.729 a gallon and to eat at the Denny's there. Then on to a huge WalMart. Back on the highway. 
 Lots more growing and ranching.
 Preparing for a cold snowy winter.
 Through the Lewis and Clark National Forest. A beautiful drive. Mostly along side a little river. Up over a 7000 pass then back down towards destination.

Conestoga Campground in White Sulphur Springs. Very nice place. Big level pull throughs. WiFi works more or less. Great view. Staying here four nights. Full hook ups. Using Passport America for two night it averaged out to about $27 a day. 
We are here partly for four days because of a couple of soccer games and a couple of races we want to see on TV. But also because there is an Art Culture Trail around here.with views of five different mountain ranges and through several small town. Mainly there are Barn Quilts all around the area. Remember the ones I painted and put up when we lived in Indiana?  Click here to see the day we put a couple of them up. 


Mark said...

We still have many Rexall drug stores here.

Kathy Tycho said...

Lovely the country. Just like Mexico, don't drive at night or you might hit a cow!

Contessa said...

Great trip thus far. I am a wee bit behind in reading your blog but am catching up fast. FYI we plan to do Yellowstone next June So we are reading and taking notes.