Saturday, August 24, 2019

Deadwood and Termesphere Gallery

Saturday afternoon and I''m sitting in the laundry room waiting for the dirty close to get clean, dry and folded. Oh where, oh where is my laundry lady? I am spoiled when we are in Mazatlan. 
We are still in Spearfish, SD. Don't remember if I mentioned the campground we are at or not. If I did forgive me. It is Chris' Camp just east of Spearfish. With Good Sam 43 dollars a night. We have electric and water, didn't need sewer this time. Very good WiFi and close to Deadwood, Lead and Spearfish Canyon. Our site. Pretty isn't it. 
 The whole campground is grass. Everything is very clean and owners and workers are great. 
Yesterday morning we set out to go to Deadwood, one of the reasons we are staying in this area. Just coming down the hill into town.
What the heck?
And the main highway had construction going on on it. We finally saw a sign pointing to parking so we turned towards downtown. Great a parking garage - $10 to park. Bill wanted to just turn away, but I insisted we stop and I'd pay the parking. Wish we had of kept going. We were here in 2003 and really enjoyed it. The main street is blocked off. See the big truck there. I took pictures of some of the buildings but not much else. 
Looking across the street from where we parked. More barricades on the street. 
Just a glance of what used to be. I knew this was a tourist town but...
This is why the street was blocked. A concert was going to happen at 5:00 - It was about 11 when we were there. Chair and people. There was a BIG classic car show in town with all it brings with it. Enjoyed the cars - will share some of them on a different blog - but not the congestion.
Reminds me of Mexico Exterior wall but no roof. 
I liked this building. Seems like some of the older buildings that were here have been replaced. No authenticity any more. Just tourist stuff. 

I'm glad we were there before to do the interesting things like visit the saloon where Wild Bill was shot - couldn't even get in the door! And the cemetery. We walked around less than 30 minutes. Still cost $10 to get out of the parking garage.
We headed towards home along the 14a which turns into Spearfish Canyon. Guess this park is closed now. No way to get in it. 
Kind of disappointing. We went to WalMart and then home for the the day. Had rain and loud thunder in the evening. 
This morning I talked Bill into taking me to an art gallery just up the road. But the pavement ended about a mile before the gallery. No problem 
It is the Termesphere Gallery. The artist is Dick Termes and he paints on clear plastic globes. He is 78 years old and world known. 
First work out of my mouth was WOW! I'd seen pictures but wasn't expecting what I was seeing. All sizes of globes were hanging from the ceiling. some had motors and were rotating. Some just slightly moving from the breeze. Some were as small as Christmas ornaments, others I wouldn't be able to wrap my arms around them. Every one different. This particular one is only half of a globe. This is the front - round half. 
This is the back side of it. The docent explained it was if the artist was looking out of the door from the other side of the one before this. 
Each one is very different. 
A bunch of little ones put together. 
Just looking up

Some of them you can look into the inner part.This one has woodland creatures in it. All the paint is done on the outside. So he would have had to paint the animals and birds first. Then paint the trees over them. All painting is done on the outside. 

He was influenced some by M.C Escher. He even got invited to Escher's 100th birthday.
The colors and design of this one was memorizing. I could have stood and looked at it all day. 

Notice the faces on the other side of the globe. Each person had his front painted and the the back of him/her was painted right of the dry paint of the front. So when you look into the globe you see their faces. 

On this one he painted pink elephants as the first layer. Look through the globe and you can see them. Then he painted the donkeys directly over the pink elephants..

A truly very interesting place to visit. I could go back and spend an entire day there.
Got the laundry done. We will be here one more day and then on to Hill City for two days. 

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Contessa said...

So glad that Bill found that museum. Never seen anything like that before. Wonderful. Would love to have one.