Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Hi from Devil's Tower Wyoming.

I know I keep getting further and further behind. I got pictures I haven't even looked at yet. 
Last current blog I wrote we were still in White Sulphur Springs. Well we left there whenever  Monday I think. And drove to Hardin, MT. Didn't take many pictures along the way. Hadn't seen any of these for a long time. Though I guess in Montana they would work good. 
 EEE GAD! more road construction. And this was some serious construction. Down to one lane.
 And even that lane disappeared. Doing a couple of miles in the dirt. Such fun.  
 Lots of harvesting going on. While we were stopped got to watch the big machines working. 
 Lots and lots of Brown Eyed Susans along the road. Or are they something else. Not good with flowers names. 

Went through one little town, don't remember which one and saw this elegant old building. I bet in its day it was beautiful. A hotel maybe?
We stopped for gas in Billings otherwise just drove. Got to Hardin around 1:30. Drove a long day for us 196 miles. Drove around town a little found the ONE restaurant in town and had lunch there. There is one of every fast food place just off the Interstate and near the campground, but we wanted to sit down in air conditioning and eat. We stayed at Grandview Campground right off the highway. Had a pull through, the parks WiFi worked good as did our Dish TV. But went to do laundry and it was $2.75 a load to wash and $3 a load to dry. I'll wait. Actually fixed dinner even though it was hot out. 95 in the shade! Got a thunder storm over night. 
Tuesday we got up and out bright and early and went to Little Bighorn National Monument. Perfect timing no one else on the road. Took many many pictures and some drone video. But they will wait until I can devote some time to them. 
Today we went from Hardin to Devil's Tower. A very long day for us. 246 miles. Only stopping for gas in Gillette, WY. And we are only going to be here one night. Tomorrow we head for Spearfish, SD for a couple of days - it is only about 60 miles away. Today's drive was not picture taking worthy. Mostly on Interstate 90. After parking at the Devil's Tower View RV - $43 a night. It is a pull through with electric and water. Quite unlevel, front tires are off the ground! Their wifi only works, sometimes, in the office. Our Verizon MiFi is working good here. We ate lunch in their restaurant and then drove 3 miles to Devil's Tower. But will leave that for another blog. I'm just trying to catch up a little. I was surprised about all the trees and greenery around the Tower. For some reason I expected just desert scrub to be around it. So pretty there. And it is pretty warm out. 
We went back over to the Tower again just before the sun went down. 


Barb said...

That is a beautiful photo of Devil's Tower!

Contessa said...

It is very difficult to stay current when traveling. You are doing a great job.