Thursday, August 1, 2019

Bonneville Salt Flats

I'm really getting  behind here. We were two days in Jackpot, NV - more about that later And now we are in Arco, Idaho and we are in the middle of a roaring rain and wind storm. 
But back to Wendover. We could see this cute little church from  the airfield so we drove by it. 
Turns out it was apartments, not a church. Wonder how big they are?
 From there we went to the  Bonneville Salt Flats. Lots and lots of salt. 
I've been fascinated by the salt flats since Craig Breedlove set the Land Speed Record in the Sprit of America. He went 526.277mph.  In 1964 he was the first person in history to reach 500mph and 600mph using several turbojet-powered vehicles. All named Spirit of America.

The Bonneville Salt Flats is a densely packed salt pan in Tooele County in northwestern Utah. The area is a remnant of the Pleistocene Lake Bonneville and is the largest of many salt flats located west of the Great Salt Lake. The property is public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management and is known for land speed records at the "Bonneville Speedway". Access to the flats is open to the public. So off we went. The sign at next to the road said,"Stay on asphalt next 3 miles." Looks like some people can't read.
Can just barely see the curvature of the earth in this pic. 

More salt, less dirt as we continued out towards the Speedway.
Nothing but flat salt ahead of this sign.
A panoramics, they don't really do the view justice. 

The road continued out through the salt. But couldn't convince Bill to take the Jeep off the road. 
Amazing view
Heading back into Nevada where the RV park was.  West Wendover is only Casinos. And they are pretty fancy ones. 
Wendover Will, looks like the twin brother to Vegas Vic. 
Never expected to see a barn quilt out here. I miss the ones I painted when we were in Indiana. 
The KOA in West Wendover. Sunset reflected in the windows. 
Some information about the California Trail. 
If you've never read or heard about the Hastings Cutoff look it up. Saw a documentary on it once. What a disaster. Click here to read a little about it. There was also a Death Valley Days episode on it.
Click here for the link.  

Finally quit raining and thundering and the internet here at the RV park came back on. So will post this while I have a chance. 

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