Saturday, August 17, 2019

Barn Quilts

Saturday morning - it is cold here! Only 49 with a high of 64 today. No sun just dark gray sky. We are having a problem with our furnace - it is not working on electricity, only works on propane. We are hoping it is the electricity in the park. Have a soccer game this morning to watch and a NASCAR race this evening to watch. Middle of day we hope it warms up enough to go looking for the grocery store and find a couple more of the metal sculptures and interesting things in town. 
Last night I was watching a race on TV and still working on the Glacier pictures. We are again in an off the beaten track little town. White Sulphur Springs is just south east of Great Falls about 90 miles. Why are we here? Well we're here because I came across an article about the Barn Quilt Loop - It is an 80 mile {no Bill doesn't know that yet} loop with Historic sites -23, Sites -12  that have been featured in books, 7 Art Installations and 49 barn quilts in the loop. There are a total of 90 in the county. 
After the soccer game and before the NASCAR race we drove around the town - population under 1000. Looking for some of the locations on the map.  A mural of Montana on a building on the main street. 
First we went to see The Castle. The house was built in 1892 by B R Sherman. He was a stockman and mine owner. There was copper mining in  the area. The house was donated to the county in the early 1900's. It is certainly impressive.
Just different views of it. It is now a museum. 
The house is also one of the homes written about. "The Man Who Built the Stone Castle" by Taylor Gordon.
The pamphlet says it has all hard wood floors. There are a couple more very impressive homes in the town. 
A barn quilt - that's what we were looking for. Most are 4' x 4' and are based on quilting squares. 
Four of them on this motel. I like the sunflower one. 
Unless there is something special I won't make comments.
This one is hard to see behind the bushes. 
A little blurry cause it was far away and we were moving. Very popular quilt patterns. 
Another group on one building.
Historical site - the old train depot.  
So nice to be in a town with no graffiti. 
This is right on the main street. Guess it is one of the Art Installations called Spirit Horse.

Another view of it from the other side. 
Another mural.
Almost missed this one. between two buildings.
Several of them were on houses off the main street. 
Looks like this one is on a car wash...
Kind of beside and behind a building - glad it was a bright green or I'd have missed it. 
Interesting sign. In July there is a Red Ants Pants Music Festival. 
I like this one, might try to duplicate it in material when home. 
Looks like a garage but has a Veterinary Clinic sign. No idea about the sculptures. 
Another hard one to see and get picture. 
I think this was a storage unit. I like the red, white and blue. 
These are the 23 quilts we found just in town. And I know there was one I missed. There are some really interesting older buildings in town too. On the Historical Registry. 

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Jackie McGuinness said...

The castle made me think of Scotty's Castle in Death Valley.