Friday, August 9, 2019

From Gardiner to Choteau,MT

Still haven't got all my Yellowstone pictures sorted out so they will wait for another day. Meanwhile I'll get caught up to today, Friday. We stayed three days in Gardiner, so we had a couple of full days in the park. 
 Rocky Mountain RV park in Gardiner was a gem. Though a little pricey at $62 a day.  Full hookups, good WiFi and pull throughs. It sat up on a hill so the view was magnificent. It was a beautiful drive of 104 miles, most of it in Yellowstone. Went up over a 9300 foot pass. 
 Very well taken care of park and great people running it. Our space was a little low in the front so our jacks were fully extended. Front tires off the ground. When we were getting ready to leave I went to retract the jacks. Pushed the button, noise but nothing happening. Oh, Oh. Tried it again, power, retract jacks. More noise again nothing happening. After much fussing Bill thought to check the parking brake it was not fully engaged. After that the jacks came right up. Whew!
Leaving Gardiner on Thursday heading towards Townsend. a drive of 167 miles. Should have been a little shorter than that but the navigator missed something and we had to turn around and back track. 
 Just outside of town An avalanche maybe. Whatever it was it sure tore a hunk out of the mountain. 
 Most of the drive was very pretty. Followed the river about half of the way. 
 Through very green mountainous areas. But very good road. 
Okay so will tell on myself again. We were going to stop in Bozeman at the Flying J and fill the RV. Then we decided we'd also stop at the WalMart to replace some things that we'd left at home. [Like new sewer hose, new water hose, windshield washing fluid, anitfreeze etc. All of that stuff is sitting in our garage in a nice plastic box waiting to be put in the RV.- so now I've told on Bill.] I had already entered the Flying J into the GPS. So I added the WalMart - told the GPS last stop. Oops - it was BEFORE the Flying J - eight miles BEFORE the gas station. So after we filled up back the way we came to go to WalMart to rebuy everything that is waiting for us at home. [At least well have it all ready for our next trip.] Also had lunch at McDonalds while there. Back on the road again. Waved at the Flying J as we went past it again 
Unusual to see a bright white barn. 
 Continuing on the highway. We passed a farm that was growing wheat - there was a sign that said Wheat. Miles and miles as far as the eye could see wheat and more wheat. 
167 miles later we got to Townsend /Canyon Ferry Lake KOA campground. Another  very well kept campground. Bill said the bathroom and shower was immaculate. Again good WiFi, just water and electric, and pull through. Pretty level. I used some of our KO points so it only cost us $14 for the night. Much better then what we'd been paying. 
Leaving Townsend this morning. It was just starting to sprinkle so we left a little earlier than we'd planned. After all only had 127 miles to go to next campground. 
 Not a good picture but can get an idea of the weather, mostly south of us. Heavy rain. And last night early this morning it was pouring on us. 
 Aren't we lucky, rain and road construction. 
 Rain, road construction and a semi traveling at twice the posted speed. 
 Was glad to come to the end of the construction and get back on our side of the road. 
 Not only was it raining but the clouds were really low.
 After we got out the mountains the rain let up but the air was full of water - kind of like looking through mist. Gave a weird feeling to the landscape. Kind of like a bad backdrop to a movie scene. 
 Not raining but thick air for lack of a better description. Straight road for the most part. 
 Getting into Choteau heading towards the campground. 
The drive took us less than three hours, so we arrived at the campground just about noon. Choteau Mountain View RV. Again a very nice campground, full hookups, pull throughs, good WiFi and they accept Passport America. BUT we arrived BEFORE their check in time. So we could either go or pay an extra $5 to check in early. We paid. Also they want cash when it is Passport America. No problem. Ended up costing us $28 - but still cheaper then we've been paying. After we parked Bill had the furnace on for a bit to take the chill off and then he took a nap and I'm trying to catch up. Tomorrow we get to Glacier. 
Discovered a couple of interesting things about our GPS - if we are going over the speed limit a man's voice will tell us we are over the speed limit - even if it is only 1 mile. I thought the voice was coming from the GPS, but today discovered it was coming from the RV's radio speakers! Wow! Also today as we were driving along the GPS flashed a message "In coming phone call." What - sure enough the cell phone lite up and tried to connect to a call. No service though. That dang GPS is getting to be a little scary. 


Grandma on the Road said...

As you drive through Montana, if you see a sign advertising something called "Wheat Montana" you absolutely must STOP. Fantastic baked goods and sandwiches. My favorite is the almond bearclaw, but they also sell croissants that have ham and cheese baked into them. Buy a couple to eat right away and several cold ones you can put into the freezer. When you are ready, just unwrap and heat in microwave! Bill will like the cinnamon rolls. Yum.

Carol and Bill said...

I think we already saw one, but thought it was just a ranch. Will keep a look out for them. Many thanks.

Grandma on the Road said...

Story is a man owned a wheat farm, and decided he would sell flour instead of just wheat. Soon, they were baking and selling some of the best bread and pastries around. There are 3 or 4 of them and most also sell gas. Original is in Missoula. Great sandwiches in all.