Friday, August 23, 2019

More Back to Glacier

It is Friday afternoon about 4:00 and guess we are in for some wet and loud weather. Makes me want to bake a cake. Too bad I don't have the ingredients. 
And so here we are back on the Going to the Sun Road. Click here to read about its construction Those men were heroes and/or maybe crazy.
Another tidbit about the road. " Driving this road is not for the faint of heart since this 2 lane road is barely 2 lanes and the edge of the road is RIGHT next to your car. Only vehicles under 21 feet length, 8 feet wide, and 10 feet tall are allowed on the Going to the Sun Road and for good reason."
So here we are driving in the cloud. It was spooky. Could only see a few feet ahead of us in the worse of it. I am glad we were on the inside. 
I had up close and personal time with the rocks. This road is narrow. 
Getting a little  better.
Through the second tunnel. Now I was on the down hill side.
Into the forest - now the cloud was above us.
A beautiful clear water river ran along the road for a ways. 

Made it to the little town of Apgar. Stopped and walked around a bit. Also had lunch there. I had cobbler. Delicious - but unfortunately about two hours later it decided it didn't like me. Glad we were almost home. 
Heading back up the mountain towards home. Without the cloud it was beautiful scenery. 
A wider part of the road. People stopping to enjoy the views. 

Looking down into one of the valleys. See the glaciers way back on the mountains.
There is a river way down there. 
You are really close to the rocks when driving on the rocky side of the road. Some of them hang over the road.
A waterfall. 
Big glacier.

Closer look at the waterfall. 

It goes under the road and continues on down the mountain to the valley.

Awe inspiring country. 

 Things are so green and huge!
 Going past the Weeping Wall.

 Another waterfall. We are almost back to Saint Mary's. 
 Did I mention the road was narrow?
More river, mountains and glaciers.
 Saint Mary Lake. You can just see the little island called Goose Island. 
Before we finally depart Glacier and Saint Mary's area here is a drone video Bill took from the RV park. 
The drone going up. Upper St Mary's Lake is beginning to show. Then he moves the drone eastward to look out over the low hills. As he continues moving around he is looking out over the trees and meadows of the RV park. Then on around to begin to see the mountains of Glacier Park and down below the town of St Mary's. Then lower Saint Mary's Lake and the river connecting the two lakes. There is a KOA camground beyond the trees. 

To view it full screen Click Here
Now finally we will be able to leave Glacier National Park. I am sure glad Bill enjoys driving. So many pictures I took but didn't post. But then how many rocks, trees, mountains, glaciers and waterfalls do you want to look at. It was the day after we were here that the rock fall hit the family in a car. From here we went to Choteau and then on to White Sulphur Springs. Have already posted about them. Then on to Hardin and Little Bighorn, working on that. 


SandyM said...

Beautiful photos and a spectacular park - thank you for sharing your pictures - you spend a lot of time posting for all of us - really enjoyed reading about the construction of the road.

Carol and Bill said...

Can you imagine doing that work? In those days?

Kathy Tycho said...

Nice that they've built a little rock retaining wall at the edge of the road. I'm sure "flatlanders" would be terrified driving it. Beautiful!

Contessa said...

At least you aren't driving the Alpha! Quite the adventure you are having.