Sunday, December 11, 2016

Another interesting day

The day started with this black and yellow bird sitting on the awning strut chirping about the fact his breakfast wasn't out on the tree yet. 
 Some of Willie's new stickers -- the roll me over, his name and the two bottom right ones. The stickers have been there for years but these are the new ones replacing the old ones. Make sense? The Willie changes colors depending on which direction the sun hits it. 
 Food in the tree. One of the Magpies taking a big bite of an orange. 
 The mother-in-law padded seats in the back of a pickup. 
 At the mall again for yet another replacement sticker. Family waiting for their Christmas photos to be taken. 
 Outside the mall, a gardener with a sense of humor. A chicken sitting on top of a chicken. 
 Came home after the mall and groceries. The upholsterer came by again and he picked up the back cushions from the sofa. We decided it would look better if the bottom halves were upholstered too. Get them back Wednesday. 
Another 15th birthday party being photographed in the Plaza. Again we went out for a drive and ended up at Machado. Beautiful weather and evening. To nice to stay in.
 From the plaza we walked to Centro - these are the only decorations in the main plaza this year. Strange, every year there is something there. Guess everything went into the Plazuela Machado this year. This is the government building. 
 Back to the Plazuela Machado and there was another small procession going by. Police car with lights and sirens going and then several groups of CLOWNS - no idea the why or reason.
 Another bunch of them.
 The birthday girl getting her photo taken. 
Ate dinner at Beach Burger again. Both had chicken fajitas. Very good. We left early about 7:30 just as it was beginning to get busy.
Slept in late this morning, till 8:30... Was dreaming that the whole bathroom in the RV had exploded...Time to get up. 
Today we're going to Centro about noon to see if anything is going on. Then home and then tonight a bunch of us are going back to the Macado to listen to Raphael sing and play. And of course to eat. 

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