Friday, December 23, 2016

A long walk and a short bus ride. More dancing.

First off check the post right below this one. It is from the other night when everyone, except me, was dancing. We have already run out of data for the Internet!!! So I am using the Internet in the main office and when Blogger comes up it is different then when using our own Internet... Tuesday morning was nice and cool with a nice ocean breeze so I decided I’d take a walk. Got my camera, bottle of water, business card of the RV park with our site number written on it and 10 pesos. I set out south towards the marina. I walked down the highway - the red line. Went over to the beach to walk back but then had to backtrack – the blue line.
When walking here one must keep their eyes on the sidewalk. 
Never know what you might encounter. Lots of new construction going on in this area. A brand new building, businesses on the bottom, condos on the top. So far everything is still for sale.
Crossed the main street and walked down a less traveled street that leads to the harbor entrance. Pretty walk. 
Until I got to the end by the water. Lots of construction equipment and big piles of sand. 
Turned west and headed to the ocean. There is a little light house on the jetty. 
Then turned north planning on walking back on the beach. Towards the arrow. 
strolling along minding my own business and enjoying the breeze and almost empty beach. 
Past a couple of time share hotels then got to a small area of private homes. Oops – since last time I walked here many, many, big rocks have been added between the ocean and the foundations of the homes. 
Lots and lots of rocks for quite a distance. And it was almost high tide so no sand between rocks and water. I considered walking/crawling up and over them. Then came to my senses and turned around back towards the light house. Blue line. 
Besides there were lots of little black crabs crawling all over them too. Jaibas they are called. Just like the RV park. 
There were rocks here too but there was also a path of sand. Wet soft sand. Whose bright idea was it to walk on the beach? The young person in the head not the old person in the body. So back to the light house area and back to the road. 
Passing in front of the houses that can’t be passed in the back. Kind of strange roof top decorations. 
 Out to the main road, crossed the street and headed north. About ¼ of the way home guess what came along – a BUS. Guess why I carry a 10 peso piece. Ah Ha – for the bus. So I hopped on and road .7 of a mile back to the campground. It’s not that I couldn’t make it all the way, it’s that I was hot by then and after all I had the 10 pesos. So my 3 mile walk turned into a 2 ¾ mile walk and a ¼ mile bus ride. After cooling down some and taking a shower Bill felt sorry for me and took me out to lunch at Torres. They have a problem with the black birds stealing the sugar and jelly packets so they put up this owl. Don’t think the bird is impressed. 
My luscious lunch. Whole avocado stuffed with shrimp salad. 
YUM. Then we headed downtown to the grocery store. Passed this private pulmonia on the way. 
Inside the store they are getting the red and yellow underwear ready for the New Year.
It is a New Year’s Eve tradition in Mexico.
Those who choose to wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve are believed to have luck in love in the coming year, while those who wear yellow are believed to have luck with money in the coming year. But don’t pick out a yellow or red pair of underwear from the drawers; tradition is they must be worn for the first time on New Year’s Eve.
Bill is out and about without me this morning so I've cleaned house and dug the fan out from under the seat. Hope it helps with the humidity. Also looking into getting wired in Internet, going through the TelCel GBs too fast. 
On Wednesday we went to El Quelite with Roberto and his wife Gloria. Next blog. I've been managing to get in a little more walking each day. But no 10,000 days. 
Check out video below. 

A quick video of Bill and Contessa dancing in the Plazuela Machado


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