Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Strolling in old town

I started to write this at 8:00 Tuesday evening, been up since 4:20. And we had a busy day yesterday. Long bus ride. And a long walk, but more about that later.
Bill has put Christmas lites on Arvi. The ones in the front reflect on the chrome bumper etc. and make it look like there are a lot more lights than there are.
And he had to bag the side mirrors the dumb birds were making a mess of them. I think when we get home I'll make some kind of bag to put over them. Speaking of the birds. At the first sliver of light this morning they were in the bread/fruit tree squawking because there wasn’t any food out there. Unless they are quieter in the future there won’t ever be anything out there. We had to go to the Kiosko  to buy them bread!
Bill and I have been talking about taking the car and going up the highway to the city of Durango. Drive up one day stay overnight and come home the next day. We were saying we’d need to do it soon before it got to cold up there. Well on the news last night it showed the Durango highway – it was closed due to snow. And newscaster said the stores were selling out of sweaters and blankets it was so cold there. So guess we won’t be going any time soon.
Met friends this morning and took a bus to Centro. This particular bus took a very long route through town. For a while we wondered where we were going.
On the bus. Yes that is toilet paper up next to the dash. ???
We did finally end up right at the doors to the Central Market. 7 pesos per person. About 30 cents. 9.8 mile ride.
We passed the shrimp ladies - they sell fresh shrimp. This vendor looked to be taking a nap. 
Into and through the Central Market. My obligatory picture of piggy smiles
Really fresh beef – still on the bones - I'll take that piece right there. NOT
And for our friend Tom – chicken legs.
There is usually someone playing an instrument and/or singing as they stroll through the market.
Bill stopping at one of our favorite stalls trying to find the type of cotton shorts he likes. None available any where so far this year.
Then we walked through the big plaza in front of the church. Lots of shoe shine and repair men working and lots of older men sitting on the benches watching the world go by.
Feeding the pigeons, there are actually birds on the woman’s arm. The boy was enjoying feeding them.
This little one wasn’t really sure about them. She just stood there not moving anything but her eyes.
We stopped at the optometrist again so our friend could get some new glasses made. They will be ready by end of the week. Then continued on to the Plazuela Machado. A couple of the colorful buildings on the way. 

 The Plaza - the Christmas arches are all done. We stopped and had lunch at Beach Burger. Watched all the tourists from the ship going by. Also the kids that do the break dancing were there performing. They sure are good.  
Left the plaza and walked towards the ocean. Some more nice buildings that have been restored and recently painted. 
 A new piece of art work on the outside of one of the galleries. 
Another nicely painted old building. 
 No cars in the parking lot so I could get some pictures of the inner walls. Every year several artists are invited to do new murals. Just pictures of several of them. I can't even use spray paint to paint a chair and make it look good. These paintings amaze me every year. 

And still more of them.

Finish of our art walk for the day. We continued on down towards the ocean. More colorful buildings. The two different colors mean there are two different houses or businesses there. 
 This one needs some TLC.
 New paint job. Every year there are more and more places restored. 
 And we made it to the beach. The colorful sidewalks along the beach in Olas Altas.
And I am going to stop for today. I have lots more pictures but will save them for tomorrow's blog as we aren't doing anything today. Except for going to Torres for breakfast. And waiting for the Upholsterer. The rest of the walk was very interesting. So many things to see. 


SandyM said...

Love the pictures of the "graffiti murals" at that lot. We rented an apartment on Constitution one and half blocks from ocean for two different Winters. Use to walk over to Otlas Altas for "sunset" most evenings. Have walked those streets you were on this afternoon many times - so nice to revisit through your pictures. Thanks.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you. It is so fun to walk around the old town. See so many interesting things.