Saturday, December 3, 2016

Fresh fish anyone?

We had a rain storm last night. A crack of thunder at 4:00 so loud I though all of Mazatlan had blown up. Then heavy, heavy rain. Some of the streets out front are still flooded and it is afternoon.
Yesterday morning we were going to go to Malpica to the bakery but once in the car decided it was too gloomy of a day to make a long drive. So instead we went up the street a ways to Cerittos to see if any fishermen were coming. We timed it perfect while we were there about eight boats came in. 
Want some fresh lobster. The restaurant owner was buying them from the fishermen. The scale is next to them. 
 One of the boats coming in. They pull it in with the waves coming in. And hang on tight as the wave goes back out. Also have to pull the motor out of the water. 
 Unloading the boat before bringing up on the sand. They took out two big coolers of fish on ice. Gas cans and equipment bags and boxes. Who ever is already on the beach pitches in with the unloading and hauling. A look at the wheels they put under the boat to bring it up on the beach. 
 Getting ready to put the wheels under the boat. Lining them up. 
 Carrying the filled cooler up to where the buyers are waiting. 
Another boat that had just come in. It was a little older and showing its age. 
 Getting ready to bring it on shore. The wheels are under the very front end. Two guys guide the wheels and the rest lift the boat. 
 These were for sale at the restaurant to. Mussels? Not interested thank you.
 The blue cooler being unloaded. Different crates for different fish. 
A shark in a bucket waiting to be weighed. The lady in the print blouse was a buyer as is the man in the armless t-shirt.
 Checking out a fish. They check the gills to see if the fish was alive when they caught it. If the gills are a deep brown it was already dead and this guy won't buy them. The fishermen have another source for them. They must be filleted and eaten that day. See the cats under the truck. 
 These are rejects. The face is a sting ray the rest no idea. 
 The shark being weighed, It had already had it's head, fin and tail cut off. And was gutted. 
 The cats were VERY interested in this one while it was on the scale. No one shooed them away. 
Another kind of fish being weighed. And purchased. 
 He was bringing big coconuts to the restaurant to sell. 
 More boats coming in and being unloaded. 
 Lobsters in the big red crate. Sitting on the steps waiting to be weighed.
Pushing the boat up on the beach away from high tide. 
 Lifting another boat to get the wheels under it. The guy in the yellow shorts was probably in his mid 50's and he worked his behind off, helping everyone do anything the whole time we were there. 

 More lobsters for the restaurant. 
 A closer look at them. Kind of pretty in a weird sort of way. 
 This was just about the last boat to come in. By then it was a little after 11:00.
 The restaurant that bought most of the lobsters and some of the fish. 
And that was about the extent of yesterday's activities. Except making a fast trip to WalMart for a few things. One of the few things being Haagen-Dazs  ice cream. Expensive but I love their Dulce de Leche. I'll eat it slow and make it last. NOT. 
The whole day was cloudy, gray and so humid we didn't want to move. 


Unknown said...

Mazatlan is an amazing place and you find so many great things to share. As I say, can hardly wait to get there. Thanks again for sharing.

Jackie McGuinness said...

I am going there for a lobster!

Carol and Bill said...

alive? or cooked?

Carol and Bill said...

You just have to be nosey which I am. And watch for the unexpected.

SandyM said...

Carol, those "rocky looking" things look like oysters to us. Great pictures today.

Anonymous said...

The lobster picture is gorgeous!!! Betsy

Carol and Bill said...

All those shell things look alike to me. But I think you're right.

Carol and Bill said...

They are a colorful animal.