Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tequila and Candy

Yesterday was one of the hottest days since we've been here. Even in the shade. But there was some breeze which made it tolerable. Didn't even get too cool at night. Stayed home most of the day just being lazy. 
But to continue with our day trip to La Noria. Coming back towards Mazatlan we stopped at Los Osuna Tequila Distillery. #3 - is approximately where it is as it doesn't show up on the map. 
The leather worker in La Noria, Roberto, told us his wife was at work at the distillery. She is the manager.
Getting off the main road and taking the dirt road into the distillery. There is also a Zip line company in this area. Lots of bougainvilleas and notice the fence, it is living cactus. 
Another look at the fence, the part on the right has died and been trimmed down.
Some of the fields of blue agave. I wonder if the horses eat them? Doesn't look like it. This field is about three years old. The bulb of the plant is crushed to get the tequila. And the plant isn't usually harvested until it is seven years or older. 
Just the road, which much to our delight has been graded sometime since we last drove down it, and another field of agave. 
Parked at the distillery. We also discovered they now charge admission US$2 per person. Jessica, Roberto's wife told them not to charge us as we were her friends. One of the big trees surrounding it. It is a very pretty place. The buildings are colorful and lots of flowers. 
The mules used to be used to shred the bulbs, pinas, of the plant. Now they just look kind of bored. 

The pulp that has been shredded. Inside the ring in the picture on top. 
One of the big in the ground ovens used to cook the pinas. There was nothing being cooked, shredded or distilling the day we were there as the shredder was broken and they were waiting for a new one.
Some of the barrels used in the process. 
Some of the flower borders. They were full of yellow butterflies. 
A very old shredder  press on display. 
Talked to Jessica for a while. I noticed this papaya plant - quite a bunch of fruit on it. 
A year or so ago we were at the plant when the pinas were being shredded. It was really interesting. Here is a link to the blog I did about it. Los Osuna Distillery   It was really fun and interesting to watch. 
After leaving there we went to another little town named Puerto de Canoas #2, again approximately where it is in relation to Mazatlan and La Noria. 
 Dirt road once into the town. But again it seems like a lot of the homes have been repainted since last time we were here. 
 The doors of the home where the candy is made were closed but we stopped any way. Bill went up and knocked and soon the candy lady opened them and greeted Bill with a hug. Do you think we go there often. A bowl of the just cooked candy. Has to still be formed and cooled. 
Offering us some candy empanadas that she made that morning. First time she has had them. Of course we HAD to buy a dozen. Delicious. Also bought a box of candy. Jamoncillo. Basically it is just milk and sugar cooked until it is thick. Some add cinnamon too.  
 They produce it for sale in special stores in Mazatlan. Under the name of Dona Delia. I love it. Kind of reminds me of maple sugar candy. 
 Leaving the home/factory with our bags full. 
 As we were leaving town we passed the home where the Dancing Horses are stabled and trained. One was getting a bath. Beautiful horses.
Then on to home for a while. Later that evening Bill and I went to the Plazuela Machado for some people watching and dinner. Ate at the Italian restaurant in the Portales de Canobbio. A home that was built in 1880 at one end of the Plazuela Machado. 
Will post about our couple of evenings in the plaza tomorrow. See Bill dancing! With Contessa! 


Unknown said...

The candy looks wonderful. I want some!! It sure helps to speak Spanish. It sounds like Bill has made many great friends there because he can speak with them. I am trying to learn but , it is very challenging.
I love the bougainvillea flowers , they are my favorite flower. I tried to grow them in Washington but it just won't thrive here. Not sunny and warm enough in Western Washington

Carol and Bill said...

The candy is good, but one piece is enough for a while. so it will last me a long time. Try using Rosetta Stone - it is supposed to be very good and easy.

Unknown said...

I will try that. I really want to learn Spanish. How did Bill learn? Do you speak Spanish also?

John Boisvenue said...

I sure do miss that candy. Could not get enough last time we bought some.