Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Virgin of Guadalupe Day - Beautiful Children

The 12th is an important religious holiday in Mexico. 
Every December 12, Catholics all over the world, especially in Latin America, celebrate the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. But in Mexico, this day is one of the mostimportant holidays of the year. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico, where she is known as La Reina de Mexico and is very much a cultural icon.
So we decided to drive over to the main plaza in the Centro Historico where the Cathedral is. In the past we've been to that area on the 12th and it is always a great thing to do. 
Lots of construction going on all over town. Sure messes up the traffic. As this area wasn't marked at all, just came up on it. Good thing the big truck was there. 

Finally entering the beautiful Historic section of town. Mostly restored homes along here. 
Had to take a detour, never saw this building before!

Getting into downtown, the road get kind of narrow with cars parked on both side of the street. Luckily all the streets are one way. 
 Almost to where we are going. The fence on the right is around the Cathedral's grounds. 
Heading towards the parking lot.  
Parked and walked back to the Cathedral. One of the customs on this day is to dress the children up as the peasant to whom she spoke, The little girls are dressed in the clothes of that time as are the boys, some of the boys even have mustaches drawn on them. A proud father with his cute daughters.
 Many, many vendors set up around the church with all kinds of props so the children can have their pictures taken. I didn't think to ask about price. It is funny - the picture is taken, sent to a laptop, fixed if needed the sent to the printer. Five minutes and it is done. The new with the old. 
 Most of the following pictures are just of what was going on. Lots of children. 
 He's not too impressed with the whole thing. 
 A family the youngest ones are dressed up the teenager isn't.
 A very little one.
 A couple of little boys waiting. A board showing the sizes of pictures that can be bought. And the different backgrounds. 
He seems happy with everything. Notice the mustache. 

 She was not going to cooperate. Would not get on the horse or sit in a chair. She didn't cry or fuss, just stiffened up and refused. 
Watching her brother. 
There were two big tents in the front of the church and women were serving food.  
 Happier now that she is away from the photographers. 
 Another cute one with a mustache. 
 There were a couple of vendors in the plaza across from the church selling plastic toys. They were doing a brisk business. 
 Just as we were leaving we heard music so I turned around and went back. A procession of about 50 people followed by a brass band.  You can see the tuba in the back.
 They went into the church yard and continued playing for a while. 
 After we were in the car we passed the food vendors in the street next to the church. Wished I'd seen him before. He is selling my favorite Gorditas. YUM. 
And then we came home where later in the evening we had company. Roberto and his family came over for a while. We made plans to get together next week to go to El Quelite for a meal. 
Roberto recognized the Jeep the night before when were we walking around the food vendors on the Malecon. We havent seen him in over a year and had lost his phone number. Serendipity. 
Today we're going to Malpica for baked goods. 


Contessa said...

Great idea to go there and check out the kids.

Doug and Nancy said...

Oh boy, do these posts make us miss you guys!! I may have to stop reading your blog since we just got a dump of snow here and it's below freezing. Very rare for the Vancouver area but still......

Carol and Bill said...

Please don't stop reading I write them just for you! Yesterday we drug two unsuspecting tourists clear up to Copala...

Carol and Bill said...

I love to see them. They are so cute.