Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Some pictures of Mazatlan

There was a pretty sunrise this morning but didn't get any pics of it. A great big motorhome moved into the spot next to us and blocks my view- pouty face. Shame on him  Too lazy to go outside to take the pictures. 
Need to refill my pill organizer for the next month. OMG when did I start needing so many pills. Guess they just creep up on us. 
Starting to do some of my year end bookkeeping and computer set up work. Don't forget to back up your computers etc. And clean them up and maybe defrag them. 
We haven't done any thing exciting, except for yesterday which I'll write about tomorrow. One day we went into the Centro district and did some specialized shopping. So I took a lot of pictures just of the town. Thought I'd share them. Walking from the parking lot to the shopping area. New electric meters were put in a year or so ago. Just cut out part of the decorative molding. And leave wires for another meter just sticking out of the wall. 
 Chopping up a coconut with a machete to get to the milk. He is fast and good with that thing. Front room of his house is his store. 
 Woolworths - there are a lot of them in Mexico. But they aren't like I remember the old US stores. They are more of a department store than a 5 and dime. Look at the wires strung over the street. 
 Don't know what they were doing up there. 3HERMANOS is a shoe store chain. 
 At one time this area had many beautiful tile side walks, they are slowly going to ruin. 
The outside of the Central Market. It is one full square block.
Just a look at some of the buildings. The ground floors are all businesses of some kind. Most are very narrow and deep. One on right is children's clothing, middle is jewelry the end looks like it might be a gym. Upstairs is housing. 
 The other side of the street. 
 We were headed to a kitchen store. Bill wanted to buy some pans for when we get home and he starts working with his leather again. When we moved to Vegas he left all the old ones in Indiana...No doors on the stores, Big metal shutters come down when closed. This pottery  was right next to the sidewalk. Big heavy margarita glasses for sale too. Right now everyone seems to have a lot of glasses for sale. New Year's parties I guess. 
 Looking down one of the aisles of pots and pans. 
Two small stores in the Central Market. The one on the right sells wallets, belts and purses. The one in front of the man sells sewing needs - ribbon, embroidery thread, yarn, lots and lots of different buttons, zippers etc. 
 Outside the Central Market a street vendor selling Gorditas. Love them. These are the thick ones that can have a slit cut in them and then put in dulce de leche (a caramel sauce), jelly or heavy cream. I like mine plain. Bill's hand buying some. They are on a grill. She also makes pancakes. Her mother sitting in the chair - looking at the picture I can see why mama is there. Didn't notice her outfit when buying the yummies. 
 Another stand on a busy street corner. Lots of different fruit. Looks and smells so good. 
 Back in the car. Bill got four big sheet cake pans and I got my needles and thread so if I get the urge I will be able to do some beading. Just a look at a residential neighborhood. Each home or business is a different color. 
 More pictures of the homes and their colors. 

 A stone retaining wall for a small hotel that has been painted. 
 This first building needs some loving care. It is probably for sale. Mostly businesses on the ground floors along here. 
Another of the old tile sidewalks. 
 If someone wants to restore these building they must keep the exterior as it is. They can replaster and paint but cannot change the style. The interior can mostly be remodeled in any way you want except for a few exceptions.
And then we went home. A couple of pictures from the campground. A different flower growing in the jungle next to us
And bananas in front of the office. 
Yesterday we went out to lunch with Mike and Lorie to the Golden Zone. Another blog. 

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