Monday, December 5, 2016

Willie ran away with a teenager

Ah! Paradise has returned. After two days of rain, wind and cold the sun came up nice and warm this morning. We had the furnace on all night last night. And now the AC is running. Love it. Continues to be windy though. No humidity. 
We didn’t do too much yesterday – Did go to the market for bird food – bread and fruit and to get some Pesos out of the ATM. We’re getting an exchange rate of 20.54 for cash. When we use the credit card we are getting a rate of 20.90. Makes being here a lot cheaper than last year.
Just some odds and ends photos to add some color to today's effort.
More and more boats are being stored here in the RV park. Probably around 20 of them now.
 Just some pics of some of the flowers blooming here. A bougainvillea with two colors of bloom.
A colorful hibiscus.
Paid some bills this morning. Had to set up a new payee account and didn’t have a phone number for it. Could not set up the account. Finally found a phone number on line. So that is taken care of too.
This morning we went into the Kiosko right next door just to see what they have. A little bit of everything. Bread, milk, onions, tomatoes, Colgate, toilet paper, several kinds of beer and chips. Just to name a few things. Prices seem about the same as a Supermarket. I found raisin bread, bought some – not sure what it will be like…
Just a picture of a mural along the old town area. I think it is new don’t remember it from years past.
Last night we went out to dinner at the Italian restaurant with friends from Prescott, AZ who are staying in another RV park. We originally met them in Guadalajara a couple of years ago. We’d planned on going to the Plazuela Machado but it was just too cold, damp and windy to enjoy being outside.
This morning at 9:00 the painter showed up to take Willie! He and Bill discussing what will be done. 
The rock guard on the fenders and bumpers will be redone. All the vinyl graphics on the sides will be removed and painted on instead of decals.
The painter scratching his head while figuring what it will cost. Is that a good sign or a bad sign. 
The kid who took the car is about 12 years old – any way he looks that young.
Bye Willie see you Wednesday – he said - maybe, we hope.
We were going to go across the street for breakfast but Rafael stopped us and told us the upholster was supposed to be here at 11:00. So came home and Bill fixed breakfast and now we wait. Bill wants the seat of the sofa reupholstered in material and as one solid cushion instead of two cushions that are very uncomfortable. 
No idea what else he has in mind. I just go with the flow. Hum...11:45 No upholster yet. Mexico time. 

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