Friday, December 9, 2016

Willie is painted and home.

Another cool night, the little heater keeps the chill off just fine. Yesterday was a beautiful day. In the low 80’s but with a nice breeze off the ocean.
We pretty much stayed home during the morning.
Fed the birds. Reflection of the tree off the RV next door with a bunch of birds in it eating. Visited with neighbors and didn’t do much else.
Discovered this morning that I can’t get on line. I guess we’ve blown through our 4 GBs already. Either I need to go up to the office to post or limit where I go on line. And I’m going to try reducing my picture sizes with the camera settings. It is only US$25 for 4 GBS it the pain of having to go downtown to buy them. Oh well.
The automotive painter was here yesterday doing some work on the RV next door and he said Willie was ready and waiting. So when he left he took us with him to his shop to pick up the Jeep.
Putting the finishing wax on him. Bill checking out the paint job.

The graphics are pretty much the same color with a little difference in layout. Washing the windows, they even cleaned the inside! The painter isn't happy with a couple of places on the paint job. He says he'll redo them in January as they are swamped right now. Can hardly see the imperfections but he isn't happy so...
Here he is at home. Will get a better picture of it in the sunshine today. And post a before and after.
Went to the market on the way home. While Bill was getting his bread I was watching the bakers make rolls and biscuits
Came home for a while then went back out to take a ride. Just around town, didn’t take any good pictures.
On the way home we stopped at the Italian Restaurant again and had dinner. Both of us had Veal Piccata. The pasta was wrapped in a very thin slice of eggplant everything was delicious.

Put up a few Christmas decorations in here yesterday. Place mats, dish towels and a couple of plastic figures hanging in the front window. That’s all. 
Back from town after buying more GBs. Waiting for rest of our seats to be returned. 


Unknown said...

Oh they did such a beautiful job with Willie. Sounds like your painter is a total perfectionist. I love it. Bet it would have cost a lot more in the states to have it done and not as nice of a job.

Carol and Bill said...

Just to have new vinyl graphics made quoted as $500+ in Vegas. This did not include removing old and installing new - Cost here for paint job US$439.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Willie looks great!

Carol and Bill said...

He thanks you