Thursday, December 8, 2016

Rest of walk and 1 new seat

Out to breakfast at Torres. Glad it is a short walk, my feet are still complaining about Tuesday. According to Streets and Trips we only did 2.5 miles. Sure seemed longer than that. Here is our route. From the Central Market to the Malecon and along it to the Fishermen’s Statue. 
As we were returning to the RV park the vegetable truck was there so we bought some oranges for the birds. Four big oranges for less than US$1. At one time there were 11 birds in the tree. Five different kinds.

But back to our walk along the ocean. This lovely building was restored a couple of years ago. The stairs lead up to a restaurant.
The entrance to the salt water pool. At first glance you don’t want to step on it as it looks uneven. Good illusion, it is flat.
Just part of the view.
Looking towards the Malecon and town.
A lone fisherman.
Someone wrote a love note and drew a flower for someone.
Another fisherman out on the rocks.
Just a few of the many pangas – small fishing boats. The guy in the yellow shirt is either making or mending a net.
The threads he is using are so fine they were almost invisible.
All lined up waiting for their next trip out.
 The North Beach Fish Market
Awash in a sea of plants. Don’t think they will be going anywhere soon.
I remember this guy from last year. He is in front of a 
restaurant. He has some kind of stick or something in his mouth and he puts something the birds like on the end of it.
They fly right up to him and take the food. And they are big birds.
Lots of new gym and work out equipment in this area. Muscle beach without the muscle. Across the street is a new basketball court and several pieces of work out equipment. 
This is the Fishermen’s Monument. Since we left in spring it has been refurbished.
Except for the figures it is completely covered with mosaic. Really, really pretty now.

From here we caught a pulmonia to take us home. One of these days we’ll walk from here on north towards the new part of the city.
Passed this sign couldn’t resist. Gorditas means – little fat one – but actually they are advertising a type of food.
Bill was outside walking around the RV when his foot broke through the ground! The hole is about eight inches deep.
Rafael told us it is an iguana tunnel, they like to go under the patios. Half of the handle of his hoe went into the hole under the cement.

And we got one piece of our cushions back. He wanted to make sure we liked them before finishing all of them. Will get the rest on Friday. So now I have a seat. Don’t you love them? Did an excellent job on them. With new very firm foam.
We both cooked dinner, Bill bbq’d chicken breasts and I fixed pasta and vegetables. This time he had something to sit on.

And another day begins. We are supposed to get the car back today.


SandyM said...

Will Rafael fill in the hole the iguana made or will you just avoid stepping there?

Carol and Bill said...

Rafael filled it in. Took quite a few shovel fulls of dirt to do it. Lot bigger than it looked at first.

Carol and Bill said...

Rafael filled it in. Took quite a few shovel fulls of dirt to do it. Lot bigger than it looked at first.