Monday, December 12, 2016

Sunday in Mazatlan.

Oh boy twenty lashes – we don’t have any oranges for the birds this morning. Just bread. Several are already sitting in the tree waiting. A must trip to grocery store is coming up.
During the day yesterday we didn't do much. Took a ride to Centro to see if any festivities were going on. Nope, very quiet there. Then hung around the RV the rest of the day. In fact when we left to go out to dinner my FitBit only showed 872 steps. Shame on me. 
Picked up Mike and Lorie at the other RV park, they are from Prescott, AZ, and headed towards Centro. Pass this posada for the Virgin Guadalupe on the way. Lots of people walking following a couple of pickups with music and pictures of The Virgin. 
 That is a real little girl standing on the float. 
 Parked in old town and went to the Plazuela Machado. Our table was reserved. Right in the middle of the plaza. In front of the kiosko where Raphael sings and plays. This is Mike and Lorie. 
 Bill, the other Mike, his wife Dawn and Colin. Didn't get a picture of Contessa.
 Bill taking a picture of a couple of cute girls with their phone for them. Always happy to oblige. 
 We all had good dinners enjoying the music and all the people walking around and dancing. Left the plaza early - for Mexico time - a little after 9:00. Then we stopped at the area where all the food vendors and the divers are. Could not believe this diver was really going to dive into the dark waters. And it looked like low tide. Just after I snapped this picture he dived! And I missed it!
 Lots of families walking in the area. Enjoying the food and the evening. All kinds of food from churros to snow cones and pigs in blankets and nachos of every type. Also pancakes with all kinds of toppings. And caramelized bananas. And of course chips. They open the bags and put all kinds of stuff on the chips - hot sauce, cheese etc. 
 Sorry it is fuzzy I didn't have time to focus. Brother and sister all dressed up with their whole family. 
 Free entertainment for the family. A clown putting on a show. The kids were loving it 
 The fountain, water not working but the lights were. Goes from yellow to blue to red. Very pretty. 
 More food shots. Oh I forgot, also grilled corn on the cob.
 Another food stand. They were doing a brisk business. 
Just as we got back in the car to leave another car pulled up to us and the driver called out, "BILL!" It was our friend for several years Roberto. We had lost his phone number and have been trying to locate him with no luck. Talk about perfect timing. He recognized the Jeep. So we're going to see him and his wife today later. 
At midnight the whole area was booming with fireworks as today is the actual Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. 
Need to go to market and drop of laundry this a.m. Bill just put my breakfast in front of me so must sign off for now. 


Unknown said...

You two find so much to see and do in Mazatlan. When My husband and I were there 20 years ago, we loved it but were only there 2 days so didnt get to see much. It sounds like there is always something going on. I don't think you could find a town in the US with as much free entertainment as you find almost every day there.

Carol and Bill said...

That is one of the things we love about Mazatlan. Seems like there is always something going on. Or some new sight to see or find.