Saturday, December 17, 2016

Getting behind in writing.

Here it is already Saturday [and we are going inland again] and I'm just writing about Wednesday. Wow. Wednesday we also managed to keep busy. Left the RV around 9:30 – first stop to pick up our laundry. My kind of “doing the laundry.”
Also stopped at Home Depot. 
Bill bought some small dowels to make perches for the birds. We had to make another trip the next day to get more dowels - more on that later.
I love the glass blocks they sell here in Mexico. I keep trying to figure out how I can use some at home. 
And if we come back here next year I’m going to get some trim tile for our kitchen at home.
Bill says wood here is VERY expensive – this is 2 x 4 x 10 construction grade for US$5.50
Then on the Gran Plaza Mall where Bill again stopped at the graphics kiosko. Actually he had to return the small plastic thing? that he borrowed to put the last graphic on the window. But he also decided to replace the only old one left. (So now we have to go there again to return the little plastic thingy.) The back window with ALL new graphics. No more room for anything else. Oops forgot the picture is on the phone. Will post later. 
While he was doing that I walked around the mall. Want your fingernails done, any color and design.
Just part of the big food court.
And of course US Fast Food – they just started showing up last year here. And now they are all over town. 
Picture of the tile I bought in Malpica. Used it the other night for the vegetable pan instead of transferring the food to a dish. One less thing to wash.
As Wednesday progressed it got really humid so I hung out in the shade doing nothing or inside doing even less.

The upholsterer came right on time with the back cushions for the couch and the foot stool. WOW – good idea to do the back. Everything looks just great now. Here is Arvi when we first got him. Kind of blah huh!

 A couple of now pictures. 

Original look of sofa
What it looked like when we only had him do the bottom part.
What it looks like now.
 The foot stool, it used to be in the Alfa.
 Happy camper. The little table has his laptop on it. 
 We did spend some time trying to find the hair clippers, we knew they were in Arvi, ‘cause we’ve used them this trip. Took a while but we finally found them right where they were supposed to be. No comment on that. Both of us got haircuts. Really short haircuts! So now we both have no hair hairdos. 
Bill also a lot of time looking for the drill bit set we bought in Quartzsite. Finally found it next day. Right where he put it. 
Actually ate a meal at home. Steak, he bbq’d and I cooked fresh vegetables. A mixture of squash, green pepper, onion, potatoes and tomatoes. Turned out really tasty.
The weather report for Las Vegas, glad we are here.
Thursday about all we did was go to the supermarket. Did see a really neat pickup in the parking lot a 1958 Chevrolet Apache. But then the owner came and started it. Big clouds of black smoke and lots of clanks and clatters. 
And I guess drones are a big deal here too. All kinds and sizes for sale. This one costs 2100 Pesos about US$105.00
The exchange rate is dropping a little bit. Still over 20 to a dollar but getting lower every time we draw some money out.
We had a real Kardashin (sp?) day in the campground Thursday. Love in the bushes and fights in the back! Come back tomorrow for details. 


Anonymous said...

Nice work on upgrading the interior! I love lots of color!! Thinking about doing the tiles like you did in the kitchen..are they the real tile or the "paper" like ones? Another question, I've been reading your blog for quite some time, several years actually, and I see that you always back-up your laptop every month..could you describe how you do that? I really need to get mine backed up..I just know one of these days I'll wish I had and then it will be too late!! Thanks!! Marilyn

Janet said...

New renos look fabulous. Amazing how a little colour changes things up. Can't wait until tomorrow to hear further details!

Carol and Bill said...

Had the heater running again all last night! And very humid here. Does that make you feel better.
Going to see the car artist Gilberto idea what Bill has in mind.

Carol and Bill said...

They are the real glass tiles. Bill puts them up with a caulking type material so we don't have to deal with cracking grout as we bump down the road.
I have an external hard drive, I just plug it into my laptop make a folder called Laptop 2016 - inside that folder I make folders for my programs and just drag the latest entry from the laptop to the external drive. Or you can copy and paste from one drive to the other. Things like the blog or my spread sheets transfer quickly. My pictures take a while. but it is worth it. This is just the easiest way for me to do it.
Thank you for being a long time reader.

Marilyn said...

Thanks for the info on the back-up..your way is the same way my computer guru grandson is advising..I just didn't want another device to keep track of but it's probably the best way. You said you had the heater running last night...we are in the Texas Hill Country and it 21 here this morning..wind chill of 6. Doesn't happen often but we always wish we were further south when it does!

Carol and Bill said...

For me that is the easiest way - an external hard drive isn't very big - and most just plug in and are ready to go. the problem is remembering to do it!
It gets down to about 59 here at night so the little heater just keeps the chill off - but last evening we were out in shirtsleeves in the plaza until after 9:00.