Friday, December 16, 2016

Visit to Copala - had lunch at Alejandros

Leaving the main road on to the rough, narrow cobblestone road leading into the town.
Oh, oh, met a parked Coca Cola truck. Bill managed to slowly squeeze by.
More of the town heading towards the plaza.
The front of the old church – The Temple of Saint Joseph. Just above the window is the upper half of a man leaning out from the church
Inside looking towards the altar.
A side altar decorated for Virgin Guadalupe.
Some information about the church – hard to read. The church was built around 1765.
Part of the intricate work on the outside front of the church.
Looking from the back to the front of the church. (In many previous blogs I’ve written about Copala and church, using the search function you can read them. You need to search the older blog – Old Golden Years.) 
One of those blogs told about the time the old woman who roams the church put a hex on our friend. She has broken her foot so she wasn't at the church today. She is 85.
A big mural on the side of a building that used to sell souvenirs. It was not open Tuesday.
We saw our friend Alejandro sitting on his front steps so stopped and talked to him and Mike and Lorie got to see some of his exquisite leather work. We asked him if his restaurant was open. He said yes so we walked down the hill to it.

The good smells coming from it convinced us to eat lunch there. This is the restaurant, it is outside surrounded by lots of beautiful greenery.

They look like they are enjoying themselves.
Food was very good. And we even ended the meal with the famous Copala banana cream pie. If it was closer [100 mile round trip] we'd eat there more often. 
After lunch we started back towards Mazatlan. More of the homes in Copala.
The very, very narrow road out of town. Almost had chicken for dinner. 
All in all a very enjoyable day with interesting things to see and good friends to see it with. And more friends to visit with.
Wednesday we also managed to keep busy. Did a lot of errands and sat around home. We've not been anywhere special for a few days so that will be tomorrow's blog. Probably ribs tonight. 

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Unknown said...

You two are living my dream life. What beautiful little towns you explore.
It boggles my mind with all the talented and artistic work you see along the way.
I think the Mexican people are blessed with this ability more than most of the world.