Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Saturday evening in the Plazuela Machado

Saturday after getting home from La Noria we both rested watched the birds for a while. The doves being not so peaceful. 
One of the cacalackas in the tree. When he comes everyone leaves. 
The birds left and we got restless so took off on a drive. Somehow we ended up in Centro Historico again! Parked and walked through one of the more "avant guarde" art galleries on our way to the plazuela. 
Firs thing we saw was a photo session for a 25th birthday and her attendants. The high heels continue to amaze me. 
The birthday girl in her pretty blue dress.

Stopped to watch this group of young girls put on a show. Lots of movement and sounds. The have big yellow bows in their hair. 
We were surprised to see the spray can painter there. First time we've seen him this year. Getting set up with two young boys enthralled. When we first watched him a couple of years ago he wore a suit, white shirt and tie. Glad to see he is more comfortably dressed now. 
Also this couple walking around with their photographer. A renewing of vows and she could still fit in her original wedding dress. Hard to get a clear picture at night when the subject is moving, but...

Back to the painter, he is about half way through a sunset picture. 
He gathers quite a crowd when painting. And was doing a brisk business of selling too. Glad to see that. 
Not a very good picture of some of his work. 
The one he was working on is almost finished. Notice the couple on the beach. 
To dry the paint he uses a blow torch. When he lights it he has to warn the kids to back up. 
Spraying another color on it after drying it with the flame. 
Selling Calla Lilies to the customers in the restaurants. 
We ate at this restaurant Saturday night It is Italian. I had spaghetti and Bill had a pizza. The building across the street has finally reopened as a new restaurant/bar. Hope they do okay. 
The table next to us is getting serenaded. They were pretty good.   
Santa and Ms Clause. Couldn't get an uncluttered picture of them. Too many people wanted to talk and have pictures with them. 
Another group at another restaurant being sung to. 
Back to watching the painter. A night seascape.
Got a big flame with the torch this time.
Still working on it. See the leaping dolphins. 
Cute Christmas dressed little girls.
Another seascape incorporating the cliff divers. 
Heading back to the car. This is a hotel. Sign says Herman Melvile of Moby Dick fame stayed and wrote here for a while. 
This pulmonia drivers night was ruined. We followed them for a block and they were still pushing when we turned off.
And that is how we spent Saturday evening. Nice huh? Got home about 9:00 still warm enough to be out in shorts and t-shirts. 
We also came back on Sunday night...I'm really getting behind in my posting. Maybe we'll do nothing for a few days and give me a chance to catch up. 
Between La Noria and the Plazuela I did get in over 7000 steps. I have to do better though. 

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