Monday, January 15, 2018

Scenes from Mazatlan

Today is overcast and cloudy and cooler, weird weather.  Looks like it will stay like this for over a week. This blog is kind of a continuance of my last blog.  Driving through Centro on the way home. A fruit vendors cart on the side street next to the Central Market. Lots of pulmonias trolling for customers. 
The front of the Central Market. Upstairs are restaurants. Lots of local buses stop here.
For sale needs TLC - right downtown. Easy shopping 
They are supposed to make good sausages, including Italian Sausage. But there is never parking near it. 
Another huge pawn shop. They take gold, jewelry, electronics and tools. And a few other things I missed in the photo. 
A shade tree restaurant. Several people there eating. 
No idea what this is. Just a strange looking building. Not old, not new looking.
In this picture there are four different stores showing. One in front of red car, it looks vacant. The auto part store with the two statues in the doorway. Next to it a place that sells garage doors, And then just a sliver of another one. Most of them are about 20 feet wide and real deep. 
A colorful but small hotel. Notice the electrical lines all over the place. 
Just another view looking down the street. If you are looking for a particular place you better be quick.
The guys on the small motorcycles are fearless. Zipping in and out of traffic. This guy has several white plastic buckets in his basket. When he started up I thought they were going to all fall out. 
Yesterday, Sunday, we went into the Golden Zone to have lunch at Lucky B's again. We managed to get parked right in front of the restaurant - amazing. As we were parking the owner was shouting to us that Gilberto - the artist who did the eagle on the hood - would be back in town the end of next week. Bill brought some tools from home for him. 
After eating we walked up to the store where we bought the tiles for the window boxes. They sure sell some colorful stuff. Don't see any of the tiles we bought. 

The other day while in the Central Market Bill bought a bunch of small potatoes to make his oregano potatoes. But - horrors - we only had a little bit of oregano with us. And not much vegetable oil. But he made do. 

The finished product, between the two of us we ate them all. So good. 
Today after dropping the laundry off we went to the grocery store and got more oil and a package of oregano.
Our friend Mark from Canada will be arriving sometime this afternoon. He flew down and will be staying in a hotel not too far from us. 
All the food is gone off the bread/fruit tree so now there is one bird pecking at our window and a magpie jay screaming in the tree. Get here earlier guys. We are still debating on what we are going to do while the RV is in the paint shop. Pretty soon we'll have to make up our minds. 


Unknown said...
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SandyM said...

Oh my, Bill and Carol, those potatoes do look good!

Unknown said...

Potatoes look delish! Would you share the recipe?

Carol and Bill said...

Finding the little potatoes is hard. he said these were old potatoes...? and wouldn't taste as good. couldn't tell the difference myself.

Carol and Bill said...

you need tiny white/gold potatoes. the smaller the better. vegetable oil with salt and pepper in frying pan. add lots of oregano, about 1/3 cup and pinch of paprika.
Cook on high heat util - turning until golden. when start getting darker reduce heat and continue cooking for about 5 minutes. He really doesnt have a recipe just puts it together until it looks and smells right. Good luck.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much..will give it a try! Marilyn