Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Have to make some decisions.

Two days after Christmas all is very quiet here in Las Jaibas RV Park. It finally cooled down again last night. Bill turned the furnace on this morning to take the chill off. The sun is up but behind a sky full of cloud.
Had a nice day Christmas day. Went out to breakfast with our RV neighbors to the restaurant across the street. Then in the late afternoon went to the big Christmas dinner here in the RV park. Everyone was there including the people who work here. So much food. All seemed to be having a good time.

The park is emptier then in previous years. Manager is hoping more rigs show up after New Years. All the parks in Mazatlan are much emptier. It’s strange as this year it is so much cheaper to be here with the exchange rate. The RV park is US$15 a day full hookups including electricity. When the five of us went out to breakfast at El Quelite the total was less than US$35. Groceries are less expensive than last year. BUT – come next week gasoline is expected to go UP! In fact read that some gas stations are running out of gas because of people filling up and bringing containers to fill up already.
We have a few plans for this week. Going out for breakfast or lunch with Roberto and his family and waiting for the air brush painter to deliver his sketch for the Jeep. Bill wants to go to town to get some things for his hobbies at home and I discovered I brought some beads to work with but forgot the needles and thread (a special thread.) Senior moment I guess. But I can get them downtown too. Also will be trying to connect with the cable Internet guy. But he is on Mexican time so…

We need to figure out what we are going to do the rest of the winter. If we will be leaving here there is no sense to get the Internet hook up – if staying I want it. Part of me wants to go – especially to Guanajuato – so neat there and it will be a lot cooler. But it is 6500 feet high! Altitude bothers Bill and sure slows me down now days. Decisions, decisions!

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Contessa said...

Our RV Park will be fuller than normal come the New Year and our prices are much higher than yours. Must be the new paved road.